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Good morning everyone!
Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at the 5 Ways of Wellbeing and in particular, we looked at Connect and Be Active.  I think in light of current events, Learn and Take Notice are important just now.
You are all being fabulous learners at home and are being so creative and resilient in your ways of learning.  Mrs Howie, all our staff and myself are so impressed with you all!
We are all having to learn to live in a different way just now and it might feel quite strange but we can still be learning.
I would encourage you to Take Notice of everyone around you, try to be helpful, considerate and support each other as we all need to come together as a team just now.
Give yourself some 'me' time everyday and do things you enjoy along with your learning tasks as this will help you feel well mentally as well as physically.  Remember we talked about having a healthy mind and how exercise and doing things we enjoy help to make us feel better too.
Stay happy and healthy everyone!