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Dear Parents/carers,                                                                                             
Primary 2a and 2b will be taking part in the Natural Connections outdoor award programme.
Natural Connections is a programme that promotes learning and achievement in the outdoors. Primary 2a and 2b will be completing the foundation level of this programme.
The foundation programme includes the following elements:
  • Explore and Discover – finding new places and new things
  • Adventure Play – learning by playing in the outdoor spaces
  • Helping hands – working together as a group to complete an outdoor project.
  • Walkabout – journey around your local area.
  • Telling stories – share your adventures with others.
Our outdoor learning will take place on ‘Wellie Wednesdays’ and it will be every Wednesday beginning on the 11th September.
 Please send your child to school in outdoor clothing, not uniform, on Wednesdays. They should also bring wellie boots, waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers (if they have them).
Our outdoor learning will take place within the school grounds and also around the local area therefore I am looking for parent helpers to come with us. Please can you let the school know if you are free on Wednesday afternoons and would be able to come on some of our walks by Monday?
Also if anyone has any knowledge of local plants, trees, birds or insects they would like to share with the class we would be very happy to have your support.
If you require any further information please contact me,
Thank you for your support,
Kind regards,
Mrs Elvin and Miss Shearer