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Good morning and welcome to the last assembly of Term 3.  This is not how I imagined we would end this term but we are ending it together - virtually!
We have many birthdays being celebrated both this week and during the holidays.  Look out for Mrs Howie and myself wishing you Happy Birthday over the holidays too.  This week we celebrate birthdays for:
Brooke Sanders, Abbie McIntosh, Ruaridh Bayne, Gael Orellana, Isobel Clark, Callum Fraser, Rosie Taylor, Amy Fraser, Cole McCreadie, Brody Magarry and Alexander Staff - Happy Birthday to all!
Over the past few weeks, we looked at the 5 Ways of Wellbeing and I asked you to think of Learn and Take Notice last week.
Over the Easter break, I would like you to think of the 5th Way - Give.
Last night at 8.00 o'clock, everyone took to their front doors/windows/gardens to clap for NHS, Carers, Teachers, Supermarket and all other key workers who are 'giving' to their communities to help keep things going.  It was really heartwarming to see and hear!  Yesterday I was volunteering at the Children's Activity Centre based at Duloch Primary School, teaching children of these front line workers and just like you all at Canmore, they showed true resilience; coping with being in a different environment with new people.
You have shown true resilience and everyone at Canmore has been so impressed with your efforts and the support you have been getting from your parents and teachers to keep learning despite such a difficult and new situation.
So for your Easter break, I want you to Give you and your family some time to relax and enjoy free time, away from school work!  Hopefully, we will have some sunshine so we can be outside and enjoy this time together.
Mrs Howie and myself have a little task we would like you to think about over the Easter holidays.  We would like to have an Easter Competition for all pupils to create an Easter themed picture to show what you have enjoyed about your Easter break.  Please e-mail any pictures to Mrs Howie or myself, the closing date will be Thursday 23rd April.  If you want to do this during your holidays as an activity, that is fine but you will also have time when you come back after Easter.  We will announce the winners on Friday 24th April at our Virtual Assembly! Wishing you all a Happy Easter when it comes!