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This week our assembly focused on looking at 'connecting' with people as part of the 5 Ways of Wellbeing.  We looked at how important it is for us to connect with those around us for our own mental health and wellbeing.  
Primary 6 spoke about the terrible environmental, human and wildlife impact from the Australian bushfires.  Luke, Cameron, Josh and Mckenzie explained why we should be raising money for this cause and showed pictures and clips of the destruction.
Our P7 girls shared their experiences from their 1851 Maritime Science roadshow for girls held at HMS Scotial in Rosyth.  They showed photographs of their day and spoke about the different challenges they had.
Kyle, from P3 shared a powerpoint he had created about Healthy Snacks for school.  He was concerned about the unhealthy snacks he was seeing some people bringing to school and wanted to pass on some suggestions.
Kyle showed a clip of how to create some healthy options which many of the children wanted to try at home.  Please look on youtube, searching with 'Back to school snacks'.
Well done to our Social target winners this week!  Next week our social target is 'I can show thoughtfulness and consider how I can help others.'