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Good Afternoon 

With Monday being the first school day in February, we shall continue to recite the months of the year and we are looking forward to learning how to record important  school events on our new calendar page, again.  This calendar page will then come home with your child for you to record family events also. 

Having already learned the double sounds 'sh, ch and th' we will be focussing on learning the double sound 'wh.' We will then transfer what we have learned to be able to read and write words spelled with the 'wh' sound.  We will also continue to practise all of our initial sounds, ensuring confidence in our ability to read and write these. 

In Maths we are continuing to learn how to add, moving from pictoral adding  to adding with numbers, for example: 3+2= 

In Health and Wellbeing we will be continuing our focus on developing our fitness levels. 

Have a great weekend 
Miss Yorkston and P1b